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Important Message from the Calgary Burlesque Society Board of Directors

The Board of Directors have been under tremendous pressure and stress over the past few days regarding the negative outcome from Sunday’s AGM. We did not anticipate such a personal and public call out regarding our errors and missteps but we understand that we were to blame for the lack of care and empathy that was shown at the AGM. We also take full blame for making a very reactionary decision in stating we were “dissolving” our status as a Society and therefore cancelling the 2018 CIBF. Though we made the public statement outlining our intent to dissolve, there have been no formal steps taken towards this. We have made mistake after mistake, stumbling terribly in our attempts to rectify the sudden multitude of conflicted situations. We have also had to make hard decisions at a fast and furious pace while trying to come to terms with the entire situation. Especially when we know all involved and care deeply about the people we serve, all while trying to do the best for everyone and manage our own self-care at the same time. We truly do apologize for the situation we have put us all in.

After a closer look at the Alberta Societies Act (not just the CBS Bylaws) we realized we have made a decision that was not properly governed. We used the existing CBS bylaws to govern our decision and truly felt backed into a corner because there was no clause about canceling or postponing the festival. We also realize the irreparable impact we have made on the Burlesque Community and our hearts are breaking for causing so much hurt and pain to a community we all love so very much. We’re not separate from the communities we lead. We are in them as well, we watch them grow and we grow with them.

We are seeking to collectively step down from our positions as CBS Board of Directors immediately. And are seeking a neutral party to coordinate an emergency vote. At this time we do firmly request that you give us some space and some time to seek out advice on our next steps, as we do not have all the answers yet.

Thank you for your understanding, compassion and continued support;

The CIBF Board of Directors

Calgary Burlesque Society's Annual General Meeting Details

CBS will be holding our AGM Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 5:30 PM. This year's meeting will consist of a community report, a brief overview of financials, and some exciting updates about this year's festival. 

Being a non-voting year, membership purchase is not required. The meeting will be Live Streamed on Facebook for our friends who are at VIBF and otherwise cannot attend. We are looking forward to seeing you all and sharing in our past year with you!

You can find the AGM agenda here.
CBS's bylaws can be found here
For updates, make sure you respond to the Facebook event page here.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at

See you on the 8th!